Dec 12, 2014

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Gone Cover Reveal!

Gone_converted (1) Cover Reveal!

Gone, the prequel to Breathe, is coming out in the next week or so.


Here is the blurb:

Trane Braxton lives a double life. He can’t risk getting close to anyone until Daisy Rourke , his longtime crush, insinuates herself into his very dangerous world.

Go back to the beginning, to the events that started the Rourkes on their journey…”

I’m really looking forward to sharing this one with you. It’s also the beginning of a new series for me with Trane as the main character. I’ve never written an offshoot series before but I’m having a blast. I’m in love with the characters and the direction of the series.  A little different than Breathe but still suspenseful and so much fun!


I’d love to hear what you think of the blurb and the cover in the comments!

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Nov 22, 2014

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Something To Be Grateful For


I’ve been thinking and planning for Thanksgiving already this weekend. I know most people think about cooking, gratitude lists and traveling to visit family. For me I think about those things as well but I always have something more to be grateful for. You see I had my first child on Thanksgiving so along with all the food and gratitude lists every year comes her birth story. If I don’t tell it on that day someone else in my family will. It was a big event in our family since she was the first grandchild on both sides.

I guess if you’re going to have a baby on a holiday, Thanksgiving is a good choice. It is definitely a lower stress holiday and everyone was already together for this one so it worked out. My daughter was polite enough on that day to wait until everyone in her family, besides me, had finished dinner and dessert before she arrived. Personally I would have voted for earlier, much, much earlier but I’m just the mom and that was the beginning of no one listening to me.

I had a parade of visitors on their way to their own holiday celebrations that day. I’m pretty sure I put a few of my twenty-something friends off child bearing for quite a while when they got a ring side seat for labor pains. I tried to pretend it wasn’t happening but curling up in a ball while breathing through your teeth kind of gives the whole thing away.

Hubby was a trooper and was happy to tell me when one of my contractions was “really bad”. Thanks honey. Got the memo. He was a fabulous coach though and doesn’t hold it against me that I squeezed his hand so hard I left a permanent dent in his finger from his wedding ring. Oops.

When it was all over, I got shuffled off to my room finally at about ten at night. I was starving! I hadn’t eaten in probably thirty hours at this point.  The nurse said she would find me “something” to eat.  She brought stale yellow cake and green jello. That was my Thanksgiving dinner that year. It was worth it. I got something so much better than a Thanksgiving dinner, a beautiful baby and a new life as a mom.  That is something to be grateful for.

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Oct 28, 2014

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Oktoberfest Ebook Extravaganza

FB party banner

So excited to be joining a bunch of amazing authors for a Facebook party today. The event takes place over a couple of days with different genres each day.  If you’ve never participated in a FB party they are a lot of fun. When you get to the event page click join. Each hour a different author will be running some games and giving away prizes.  You can participate or just watch.  You can win books or gift cards usually.

I’m excited to be grouped with a great group of authors and I know it ‘s going to be a lot of fun. I figured I should do one since Exhale is going to be out in TWO days!! Oh man I need to get to work!! Lol.

My newsletter will go out tomorrow and I will be giving away an Amazon gift card to one of my subscribers so be sure to sign up!


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Oct 3, 2014

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Exhale Cover Reveal!

EXHALE_cover I’m so excited that the next book in the Breathe series is about to launch! I will be publishing it on October 30th! It will be available for preorder on Apple and Amazon shortly! Darling diva daughter did a fabulous job on the cover once again and I love it.  

So what could this story possibly be about? I mean, didn’t everyone end up with their “happily ever after”? Not exactly.  I left quite a few things hanging in both Breathe and Shimmer.

A novella that takes place just months after “Shimmer” ends, this story came pouring out so fast I had to tell each character to wait their turn. They all had a lot to say.  

This is a family story, with lots of emotion, tons of drama and of course, romance, and suspense as well. All your favorite characters return for a Thanksgiving weekend that is not at all what they had planned. Instead of a quiet relaxing four days off, Jasmine finds herself in trouble once again, needing to make choices between what she thinks is right and what everyone else thinks is best and safe.

Here’s the blurb:


In the four years since her kidnapping, Jasmine Rourke has been attempting to live a quiet, normal life under the radar. She graduated from high school, lives on campus at University of Louisiana Lafayette and is enjoying the college life with her “Dream Guy” boyfriend, Easton Ward.

But for the Rourke family a peaceful life just isn’t in the cards. Only months after her brother’s terrifying run in with a mob gunrunner, the events of Thanksgiving weekend will change the course of their lives forever and it will all start with the ringing of a doorbell…


Anyone interested in reading and reviewing either Shimmer or Exhale just send me an email at and let me know!


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Aug 28, 2014

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Shimmer Release Day!!



Shimmer released today and I’m pretty excited. It’s been a long time coming I know.  It was tons of fun to write, and a lot difficult as well. It was about Caedan, for heaven’s sake and we know he’s never easy to deal with. Lol.  I can’t wait to hear how you all like it.

Here are some links if you are interested!


Barnes and Noble

iTunes Bookstore




Also in celebration Breathe is on sale for $0.99 everywhere so if you haven’t read it, now’s a good time


breathe_725 copy (1)




 If you get a chance to read either I would love it if you could review it on whatever platform you read on. Amazon, iTunes Bookstore or Barnes and Noble, etc.  Reviews help authors out much more than you probably know. Even a few words is of great help and let’s us know how we are doing!

Links for Breathe on Sale!


iTunes Bookstore

Barnes and Noble

Also I’m having a fabulous Facebook Release Day Party so come join in the fun here!




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Aug 8, 2014

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Love and Other Oddities



© / unverdorbenjr

 I’ve been thinking a lot about love lately. There are so many different kinds. Love for your spouse. Love for your children, your friends, parents and so on.  Love really is an amazing thing since we are such fallible creatures.

Here’s the reason I’ve been dwelling on this a bit lately.  My husband and I are making some life changes. We are empty nesters (sort of) and we are now living in a much smaller space than we ever have.  Ever.  Now we made this choice on purpose. It wasn’t forced upon us. When we told our friends we knew it would be interesting.

The most frequent response to this move has been quite singular across the board. “Have you lost your mind?” Uhhh. Maybe? But overwhelmingly the next statement is “You’re going to drive each other crazy.”

I thought about this for a while before we actually made the decision. I can understand why people might think that but here is the thing: I think if it was going to happen it would have happened a long time ago.

There I said it. If I didn’t drive him crazy with my completely paranoid helicopter parenting style, or my ridiculous inability to let even the smallest thing go or my high strung, nonstop, arm flailing chatter in the last twenty five years I’m pretty sure it’s not going to happen.

He must love me. Who knew?

As far as him driving me crazy? I already know what he’s going to do about an hour before he does it. He’d like to think he’s an international man of mystery, unpredictable and spontaneous but it’s not terribly complicated. We’ve been together for a really long time and I know what’s coming next.

So if he’s going to drive me crazy it’ll happen in a big space as easily as a little one.

And I love him so who can’t tolerate a little annoyance? Besides if anyone is going to be high maintenance in this situation it’s definitely going to be Brutus. Husband I can handle. The dog who behaves like a toddler? That’s a whole other thing.

We have some adventures coming and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

What about you? What adventures are on your horizon? Let me know in the comments!


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Jul 28, 2014

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Cover Reveal Day!

breathe_725 copy (1)   shimmer_725


Cover reveal day is here! I’ve been dying to show you all the new covers! Woohoo! My graphic designer rocks (also know as diva daughter) and has done a fabulous job with the redesign of Breathe and Shimmer’s cover.  I’d love to hear what you think of them.  Also if you sign up here for my email list today I’m giving out free ecopies of Breathe to all my new subscribers  to celebrate!


P.S. Shimmer’s available for preorder at the Apple iBookstore here at a discounted price!


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